The Multimodal Writer

‘Tailor-made for our times,’ Professor Derek Neale, Writing in Practice

These are exciting times for Creative Writing. In a digital age, the ability to move between types of writing and technologies – often at speed – is increasingly essential for writers. Yet, such flexibility can be difficult to achieve, and, how to develop it remains a pressing challenge. The Multimodal Writer combines theory, practitioner case studies and insightful writing exercises to support writers tackling the challenges and embracing the opportunities that come with new media technologies. Including interviews with a selection of internationally acclaimed authors, such as Simon Armitage, Robert Coover and Rhianna Pratchett, this book equips writers with the tools to not just survive but, rather, thrive in an era characterised by fast-paced change. You can find out more about ‘The Multimodal Writer’ here.

Barnard, Josie (2019). The Multimodal Writer: Creative Writing Across Genres and Media.  London: Bloomsbury/Red Globe Press

Josie’s previous books include …

The Book of Friendship

‘Fascinating and discerning,’ Michéle Roberts, Observer

Friendships define and even replace relationships with siblings and parents; they can last decades longer than some marriages, and be just as turbulent and passionate. Aristotle prized friendship. Kierkegaard judged it sinful. From playground to grave, friendships play a critical role in our lives. In The Book of Friendship (2011), Josie Barnard explores this elusive and potent phenomenon.  As well as on programmes such as BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour ‘Friendship Special’, Josie appeared at festivals including the South Bank’s ‘WOW’ to talk about The Book of Friendship.

Barnard, Josie (2011). The Book of Friendship. London: Virago

The Pleasure Dome

‘Tough, funny and very sharp-eyed’ Observer (editor’s choice)

‘Josie Barnard’s work makes such a strong imprint on the mind … [The Pleasure Dome] was heart-rending to read, but also so honest and so buoyant in its language that it swept me through.  And funny too – a difficult trick to pull off, but she has done it,’ Helen Dunmore; ‘A terrific book – original, fast-paced, funny, touching – beautifully written,’ Georgina Hammick; ‘Barnard has an original perspective to offer on women in the 21st century’ (Independent on Sunday); she ‘continues with aplomb her exploration of the emotional outsider’ (Good Book Guide); ‘Barnard is one to watch’ Observer.

Barnard, Josie (2000). The Pleasure Dome. London: Virago.

Poker Face

Betty Trask award-winning novel

‘Often bitterly funny, it is piercingly observant … Unsentimental, sometimes disturbing and unforgettable’ (Good Book Guide); ‘Barnard’s short, sharp sentences are like shards of glass’ (Guardian); ‘sharp writing’ (New Statesman and Society).  Josie spoke about Poker Face at festivals such as the Cheltenham and Dartington Literary Festivals.

Barnard, Josie (1996). Poker Face. London: Virago

Virago Woman’s Guide to New York

‘Informative and illuminating,’ India Knight, Mail on Sunday

‘One of the five best travel guides available,’ the Independent’s travel editor Frank Barrett on BBC Radio 4’s Bookshelf; ‘an essential buy,’ India Knight, Mail on Sunday.  Translated into Italian, Argentinian, Japanese and Spanish, New York was one of three books to launch an innovative new series. Josie’s media appearances for this book include on BBC Radio 4’s Pack the Book and Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s Granada TV magazine programme This Morning.

Barnard, Josie (1993). The Virago Women’s Guide to New York. London: Virago