The Pleasure Dome

‘Josie Barnard’s work makes such a strong imprint on the mind … [The Pleasure Dome] was heart-rending to read, but also so honest and so buoyant in its language that it swept me through.  And funny too – a difficult trick to pull off, but she has done it,’ Helen Dunmore; ‘A terrific book – original, fast-paced, funny, touching – beautifully written,’ Georgina Hammick; ‘Barnard has an original perspective to offer on women in the 21st century’ (Independent on Sunday); she ‘continues with aplomb her exploration of the emotional outsider’ (Good Book Guide); ‘Tough, funny and very sharp-eyed … Barnard is one to watch’ Observer (editor’s choice).

Barnard, Josie (2000). The Pleasure Dome. London: Virago.