“My work as a journalist has taken me all over the world – down potholes, up in air balloons, across Norway’s Hardanger plateau, in a dug-out canoe up Venezuela’s Caura River.  Topics I’ve covered range from the history of ‘Motorway 1’ to the huge and pressing social problem of ‘digital exclusion’: what it is, how it’s happened, and what can be done to help.”

Josie’s writing for radio includes columns for John Peel’s Offspring and Home Truths.  She has produced prime-time radio programmes on subjects ranging from Velcro to parking meters and the history of ‘Motorway 1’.  Several of Josie’s programmes have been selected for BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week. Her latest BBC Radio 4 programme, which considers the nature and scale of ‘digital exclusion’ and points to solutions, is Digital Future: the New Underclass.

Her print journalism includes features on subjects ranging from beekeepers’ conventions to meadows, the mountain climber Alison Hargreaves to the Island of Sark’s biodiversity for newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, and Country Living. As an example of Josie’s journalism, you can see her Guardian article on the Norwegian World War II ‘heroes of Telemark’ here.