Dr. Josie Barnard SFHEA’s experience of teaching Creative Writing spans twenty years and embraces Further Education and Higher Education as well as undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 

Josie is Subject Leader of Creative Writing at De Montfort University, where her work as Associate Professor includes teaching and supervising students from BA to PhD level.  She has also taught Creative Writing at institutions including Middlesex University, Goldsmiths and Faber Academy.  As well as using traditional Creative Writing pedagogical methods, Josie regularly uses industry-facing and project-based methods in her teaching delivery.  For example, Josie has worked collaboratively with the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture to deliver innovative pedagogy, and, Josie taught a module whereby Creative Writing students planned and delivered the North London Literary Festival (you can see a short video about the 2014 North London festival below).

A key driver for Josie is her passion for developing a robust Creative Writing pedagogy that can ‘future-proof’ writers and Creative Writing tutors in our fast-paced 21st century.

She has published a number of academic articles and chapters on her ongoing programme of research into how a writer can learn and develop skills necessary to work as ‘a multimodal writer’ and so enable diverse digital and page-based writing projects to inform and enrich each other.