The Multimodal Writer

‘Tailor-made for our times,’ Professor Derek Neale, Writing in Practice

These are exciting times for Creative Writing. In a digital age, the ability to move between types of writing and technologies – often at speed – is increasingly essential for writers. Yet, such flexibility can be difficult to achieve, and, how to develop it remains a pressing challenge. The Multimodal Writer combines theory, practitioner case studies and insightful writing exercises to support writers tackling the challenges and embracing the opportunities that come with new media technologies. Including interviews with a selection of internationally acclaimed authors, such as Simon Armitage, Robert Coover and Rhianna Pratchett, this book equips writers with the tools to not just survive but, rather, thrive in an era characterised by fast-paced change. You can find out more about ‘The Multimodal Writer’ here.

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